My brass quintet, The Encroaching Cloud, will be performed on the 15th of April at 17.00 the Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag. My song, Cancion I: Vals Criollo, will be premiered on the 13th of April at 19.00 at the Conservatoire. I will be playing the cajon for the premiere of Cancion.

In other news, the Tamperinging Festival, hosted by the Tampering Society of Finland will take place in the 3rd week of August. Saxophonist Suvi Linnovaara will be performing an as-of-yet incomplete and untitled work featuring soprano saxophone and electronics.

And finally, I discovered the work of Marc-André Dalbavie this week. If you haven’t heard his work, check out Colors. The Esprit Orchestra in Toronto, Canada is performing this work tonight [March 29th, 2015].

New Recordings

The recordings of The Enroaching Clouds and Nocturne are now up on Soundcloud.

The Encroaching Clouds was performed by Reverb Brass twice at their Adam’s Rib concert series in London and Toronto, Canada this past February and March. Nocturne was read in a workshop by Vancouver’s MusicaIntima, a fantastic chamber choir that specializes in contemporary repetoire.

If you want to hear my music live, The Encroaching Clouds is being performed this April at the Roya Conservatoire of The Hague’s Spring Festival, along with a new work of mine for mezzo-soprano, cajon, and cello, entitled Cancion I: Vals Criollo.