Update: May 11th

It has been a little while since I updated the news & other goings ons.

Tonight, I will be performing along side seven other composers (Lise Morrison, Nikos Kokolakis, Cristiano Melli, Renana Zelada, Brisa Gonzalez, Sheyda Dashti, and Son Il Hoon) in the premiere of my new work, Dharmachakra for 8 amplified voices. The performance begins at 19.30 at the Korzo Theatre in Den Haag.

In other news, I will be attending the Synthetis Music Festival in Radziejowice, Poland this summer from July 13th-25th. This years lecturers and instructors include Simon Steen-Anderson, Phillipe Manoury, Zhou Long, Pawel Hendrich, and my own teacher, Martijn Padding. More news on this to come.