And On Into the summer.

This past March, the Oerknal! New Music Collective premiered my new work, Glasz, for six instruments, in Amsterdam with a subsequent concert in Den Haag. They did a very fine job performing and rehearsing. You can find a link to the audio recording here.

The Spring Festival at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague also recently wrapped up. Five days of concerts with new works and performances by groups such as Kluster5, Ensemble Klang, and more. My work Deflection was performed again by Daan van Koppen. The audio recording can be found here, and the video recording here.

I will also be traveling to Finland once again this summer to take part in the Sävellyspaja workshop in Porvoo. The workshop is headed by the composer and harpsichordist, Jukka Tiensuu, and will coincide with the Sounds of Summer Festival in Porvoo. During this time a new work for ten instruments will be workshopped and premiered by the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra.

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