The Summer & September

Another update with a number of things to cover.

Firstly, I am happy to announce that I will be on exchange at the Sibelius Academy starting in September, 2017, and going until the end of February, 2018, after which I will return to The Hague to complete my Masters Degree. While in Helsinki, I will be studying privately with Juhani Nuorvala, a Finnish composer who specializes in microtonal music. I will also be taking private orchestration lessons with Canadian/Finnish composer, Matthew Whittall.

A recent work of mine, Crystalline (2017) for flute, saxophone, piano, and contrbass will be premiered in London, England by the La Tache Ensemble on June 12th at the Royal College of Music. Additionally, my newest work, Liminal Luminosity (2017) for amplified violin, cello, contrabass, and electric guitar, will be given it’s premiere on June 29th by the Hodiernal Quartet, a new group based in The Hague and led by American bassist Cody Takacs. There will also be a premiere of a recent text score of mine, Pack (2017) by the Royal Trash Ensemble in The Hague on June 22nd.

Also on the docket for the summer is a new work for baritone saxophone and electronics for Dutch saxophonist Daan van Koppen. Daan is an incredibly active saxophone player in The Netherlands, playing with groups such as Kluster5, 9×13, AskoSchönberg, The Hague Saxophone Quartet, and others. Daan and I have worked together before: he was responsible for the commissioning of my work Palindromes & Melodies (2016) last year, and has given my soprano saxophone work, Deflection (2015) considerable attention and multiple performances. He is a good friend, an amazing player, and I am looking forward to turning out a new work for him.

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