Small/Medium Ensemble

FELD/forms (2020)
Commissioned by Thin Edge New Music Collective
Instrumentation: fl, cl, pc, pno, vln, vlc
10’00” – 30’00”

Voice (2019)
Three female voices
30’00” – 40’00”

Liminal Luminosity (2017)
Commissioned by the Hodiernal Quartet
Instrumentation: Violin, electric guitar, violoncello, contrabass

Palindromes & Melodies (2016)
Commissioned by Kluster5
Instrumentation: Tenor saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion, violin

The Encroaching Clouds (2014)
Commissioned by Reverb Brass
Instrumentation: Brass quintet

The Path the Birds Take Towards Home (2014)
Commissioned by the Tampering Society
Instrumentation: Four violins