In 2022, I will begin a mentorship with audio/visual artist Daniel Tapper in order to learn more about using Ableton and MaxMSP in my compositions and in general. Through this course, I hope to gain skills that I can use to the benefit of myself and my practice, my collective (Freesound), and my community. Subjects covered during this mentorship will include:

  • Identifying specific areas of Ableton and Max to learn, examples and basics.
  • Signal flow and control, sampling and audio, triggering systems
  • Audio processing, delays and filters, spectral analysis and processing 
  • Ableton basics, controlling Ableton via Max. 
  • Ableton synthesis plugins, control over network
  • Multichannel control
  • Control systems

With great thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for funding this mentorship through their program, Professional Development for Indigenous/People of Colour.