A picture of Paolo, in black and white, looking towards a large window.

Paolo Griffin is a composer and curator based in Toronto/Tkarón:to whose music has been described as placing “… the listener in a kind of sonic microgravity” (PANM360) and as “…uncompromising and thoroughly engrossing.” (LvT). Paolo’s work involves ongoing research about the sounding and perception of microtonal rational intonation (Just Intonation) combined with a rigorous, process-based approach to sonic form and structure. The work he creates explores the creation of colour/shading/densities in sound, and forms of action/interactions between processes and systemic organizations. His practice spans sound, performance, text, and improvisation and includes the creation of notated music and text/event scores.

In 2018, Paolo founded Freesound in Toronto, a contemporary music performance collective of nine performers that emphasizes collaboration and experimentation. Concert highlights include concerts featuring two shō and accordion; trumpet, percussion, and accordion; piano quartet; a variety of text and graphic score works, and a feature in the WholeNote Magazine.

Upcoming 2024 highlights include the premiere of a new work for Quatuor Bozzini in Montreal, the premiere of a new work for Freesound in Toronto, and participation in the Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab between 2024-25.

Paolo is also an advocate of accessible arts and disability inclusive practices. He works as the Managing Director of Xenia Concerts, each year designing over 20 accessible and sensory friendly concerts for people with autism, disability/(ies), their families, and communities.

Paolo has given talks on his work in public and private settings, including lectures on his compositional practice at schools in The Netherlands, Finland, and Canada, and talks on his work in disability arts to charities and community organizations.

Paolo studied at The University of Toronto (Canada), The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (The Netherlands), and the Sibelius Academy (Finland). His principal instructors were Peter Adriaansz, Gary Kulesha, Mayke Nas, and Juhani Nuorvala.

Paolo sits on the board of Musicworks Magazine and the Toronto Arts Council Music Policy Committee. His work and research are supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canadian New Music Network.